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"Over the last 22 years, I have learned that planning retirement for others requires experience, the least amount of risk, and easy retirement planning tools."~Jenny Jones, Founder 

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We know retirement planning.

A simple, low-cost, one-stop solution to plan for your future.

Help in preparing for the future, we provide online tools and resources to help you visualize and save for your desired retirement lifestyle.

Personalized tools that help you create a plan that's right for you at any age or stage in life.

The Retirement Financial Resource Center

Retirement Podcast

As a single host on the show I talk about a variety of retirement topics and where annouce My Retirement Office Hour Dates. 

Retirement Calculator

We invest only in companies that have great track record and a strong MOAT and when the market is too volatile, we will switch to debt.

Retirement TV

Watch videos about retirement in the comfort of your home or on the go. From how to start saving to what to expect, Retirement TV shows you how. *NEW- real retirees share their stories, tips, and advice with you.

Retirement Chat

Live video chat – This service allows you to get your retirement questions answered in real time through live video or text chat.


Years Experience


of Retirees say they are not Ready


Portfolios Managed (Lifetime)

Workshop/College Students

Seasoned Founder

Jenny Jones, Retirement Coach and Creator of the "My Retirement Exit brand," has helped thousands of everyday working professionals navigate the complex journey to retirement with ease and simplicity.

He is the author of "The 5 Retirement Mistakes", where he explains the five most critical mistakes that people often make headed into retirement.

Jenny's "60-minute Retirement" short lunch-and-learn workshops have been received well with would-be retirees looking to learn retirement in a simple by the numbers method.  He has been featured on ABC, Yahoo Finance, and Authority Magazine for his valuable insights on all things retirement.

"Listen to what others have to say"

A Better Retirement Is Possible

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